• Biology Expert Academic Content Writer and Reviewer/Editor

    Sept 2019 - Present
    • Researched and authored short academic articles answering questions posted online by students around the world on various topics of Biology, Anatomy & Physiology (2019-2021)
    • Worked alongside reviewers to edit articles (2019-2021)
    • Review academic and educational content authored by Biology subject matter experts: proofread for scientific and/or grammatical errors (2022 to present)
    • Make edits and provide feedback to Biology subject matter experts on the quality of question sets they authored (2022 to present)
  • Biology Instructor

    March 2018 — January 2020
    • Teach Biology for Majors I and II in person and online
    • Perform all accompanying duties including maintaining record of grades, attendance, uploading all class material on Blackboard, creating lecture exams, responding to student emails
  • Junior Designer @ Zendesk

    October 2015 — March 2018
    • Teach Biology for non-Majors I and II in person and online
    • Taught Anatomy & Physiology I online
    • Served as adjunct instructor from 2018-2020 and as temporary full-time instructor from 2020-2022
    • Received Online Instructor Certification (OIC)
    • Graduated from Engaged Learning Institute (ELI)
    • Part of team working to develop a lab manual for non-Majors Biology I
    • Reviewed and graded student applications for scholarship
    • Assisted in migrating Biology course from Blackboard to Canvas